Ulziitugs Enkhbold or "Ue" is a Mongolian visual artist currently based in Winnipeg, Canada. Ue is a 2018 BFA graduate from the School of Art at the University of Manitoba. Ue works across multiple disciplines and her practice is primarily concentrated around identity and heritage.

Image shows Ue’s birth place, Tsetserlegiin Am in Arkhangai, Mongolia.

Ue's paintings are often completed in oil, in a wide variety of sizes, and are dominantly figurative. Her sculptures are mainly ceramic. Ue has shown her work in group exhibitions in Winnipeg, Canada as well as Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. She is an active member of the Winnipeg art community with her volunteering experience and membership involvement.


Pulling from her own experience, Ue's current body of work consists of oil paintings that analyzes the relationship many immigrants may have with their home countries. She finds similarities between these relationships and romantic relationships. During her painting process, she takes into consideration those who have migrated to another part of the world and have had to leave their land, people, and culture behind with hopes to build better opportunities for themselves. To feel more at home in these new environments and to maintain the connection with their culture, people bring memorabilia with them such as traditional garments or objects that hold sentiment. Similar to a romantic relationship, people also begin to idealise past memories, perhaps reminded by types of smells, or even certain times of the day. In several scenes, Ue has personified these feelings into a figure. 

The flat and repetitive colour planes show that many of these scenes are projected from imagination or memory rather than real life. Warm orange and red hues are used to convey a sense of warmth and intimacy. The main figures in the scenes are often depicted as searching for something or gazing in admiration with what they’ve found. 



Graduate of The Art of Managing Your Career Course, Creative Manitoba


BFA, School of Art, University of Manitoba




Portrait: A MAWA members' show and sale, MAWA, April 1 – April 30.


Women of Colour, School of Art Gallery, March 15 – April 13.


In Support of Large-Scale Vessels, GOSA, January 15-26.


Carte Blanche, Aceartinc., Sept 29 – October 6.


New Wind, Art House Gallery, May 10-15.


New Wind, Mongolian National University of Education, May 01 - 02.



Creative Manitoba, March


MAWA, March


Cre8ery inc., January


Aceart inc.

Awards and Grants


Make and Grow Mircogrants for MAWA Members, MAWA, April



10 Questions with Ulziitugs Enkhbold Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art Magazine



Cre8ery inc.,  assists with hanging work and exhibition set up, March - May


Plugin ICA, assisted in Annual Gala and Art Auctions as well as performance shows

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